Era Jashari

Adviser on PR & Service Develo
Kosovo Chamber of Commerce

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 08:00-11:00
DescriptionThe Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (“KCC”) is a professional non-for profit organization and an independent legal entity, established in accordance with the Law No. 2004/7 on Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, which regulates the establishment, membership, seat, statute, aim, bodies, working means, breaking off of activity, the role and the scope of the KCC. Being the sole business institution established by law has allowed for the KCC to be an important partner of governmental bodies of the Republic of Kosovo, with the primary purpose of representing the interests of businesses to decision-making authorities. Accordingly, the KCC is a constructive partner of the Kosovo state institutions, a partner in social dialogue and promoter of economic development and good macroeconomic policies.
Organization Type NGO ,
CityPrishtine, Taslixhe IV, St "Fatmir Gjata" Google map
Areas of Activities

Connecting the Region


    EEN Cooperation

    Exchange idea, best practices and other useful information from neighboring countries and other participating countries regarding EEN Coordination.

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