Sasa Jovanovic

Business Incubator Manager
Business Start-Up Center Bar

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 08:00-11:00

Mission of BSC Bar to its support the creation of an enabling environment for economic growth through the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises. Our target market are entrepreneurs and SMEs and services that we provide to them are: training, mentoring, consultancy, micro-loan support, networking through EEN and business incubator support. With our programs and project work we also contribute to: creation and growth of businesses and employment; development of the education system, reduction of business barriers and capacity building of institutional support for SMEs. Particular attention is paid to the inclusion of young people, women, minorities and vulnerable groups in our programs. Since 2010 we also operate Business incubator with 34 office spaces for start- up businesses and co-working spaces.

Organization Type NGO
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