Ratko Bataković

Executive Director
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre Tehnopolis

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 08:00-11:00
DescriptionOne of the main functions of IEC Tehnopolis is supporting development of entrepreneurship through connecting entrepreneurs with science, research and innovation in order to increase their sustainability on the market. Business Incubator, as the one of the main components of our work, has 28 tenants coming from different backgrounds, levels of experience and areas of work. On a regular basis we organise diverse trainings and education programs in order to improve their entrepreneurial skills and competences. Although our main focus of work is within SME sector we are working on building entrepreneurial mindset within all generations and through our regular work and projects implementation we aim to include all interested citizens with focus on unemployed youth in our activities. Every year we organise Spring and Autumn training cycles in order to provide citizens with knowledge necessary to develop, finance and sustain their business idea. IEC Tehnopolis aims to foster the development of entrepreneurship in Montenegro as the basis for development of new businesses based on innovative ideas and the use of modern technologies. Through continuous support to existing, potential and newly opened businesses, and promoting scientific and research results in order to raise the level of efficiency of business enterprises, Tehnopolis aims to contribute to further development of entrepreneurship. In order to increase awareness in Montenegro through improving the competitiveness of SMEs, developing business innovativeness, stronger linking science and business, creating high-value added jobs, and improving the competitive position of the regional and national entrepreneurial community, within the project of IEC Tehnopolis is planned the establishment of the laboratory for biochemical research and laboratory for industrial design.
Organization Type Public body ,
CityNikšić, Radoja Dakića bb Google map
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