Ivana Milicevic Kalic


Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 08:00-11:00

TA Balkanica is much more than just travel agency – it is a presentation of life and people in the whole Balkan. It is the very heartbeat of this region. We have been working in the travel industry for almost a decade which allowed us to grow and develop comparatively with the travel sector in Balkans and which gave us a clear picture of the greatness in a natural and historical wealth of our beautiful region.

Our mission is to revive and preserve everything that Balkans represents- nature beauties and our connection with the nature or our dependence on it, natural ingredients, family as an institution and as a bedrock of our society, the old way of life, our very rich and complicated history and above all – the strength of community and deep interconnection between all of us which makes us the biggest family in the world!


The secondary goal, but not the less important, is to raise the ecological awareness within people of Montenegro and to try preserving the state of nature as it is now. Through all our tours we are fundamentally guided by this policy and create programs in accordance with that…


Finally, we would feel like we accomplished a great goal if at least some people from the younger generations would understand that smaller towns, villages and rural areas have a lot to offer and can provide them with more quality life then big cities and urban way of life can. Our villages are literally dying as it is probably the case everywhere in the world. It is not just our business’s struggle, it is the struggle so big that we can call it a World war, Rural against All-urban war. We have to find a balance between and understand the advantages and necessities of both.

Traveling the world and understanding the similarities and differences is one of the ways to do it.

Organization Type SME
CityBijelo Polje, Ilijasa Dobardzica/Peta bb Google map
Areas of Activities

Sustainable Tourism

    Connecting the Region

      Environmental Quality

        Blue Growth


          Travel agency services , Rural and sustainable development projects

          Complete logistics for the organisation of tours in the North of Montenegro, participation in rural and sustainable development projects

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